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Ultrasound Sydney - Sydney Ultrasound for Pregnancy Scan


Sydney Ultrasound for Pregnancy Scan

Early View 4D Ultrasound Centre Sydney


Are you looking as to where to go for your Ultrasound Sydney ? Look no further, Welcome to Early View Ultrasound Sydney Centre where viewing your baby in a relaxed non diagnostic format is what we are all about.

Early View is the place to go for your ultrasound for pregnancy scan in Sydney, We are easily accessible from all suburbs and we are only 5 minutes away from the airport. Early View is located on Botany Road in Alexandria. We are on Street level with parking right out the front and no meters ! So parking is free.

No Doctors referral is required for an Early View session as we see our clients after they have had all of there medical scans. Our ultrasound Sydney is for those who are curious to see what there baby looks like pre birth. Whose lips and smile does bubba have ? See all of this and more when you have your ultrasound Sydney at Early View.

The best time for a baby ultrasound is at 29 weeks. By this stage not only is bubba incredibly cute but they also have more than enough body weight so that you can really see who they look like and more importantly bubba has movement because bubba is not too big to get wedged anywhere just yet.

The difference in ultrasound Sydney at Early View is that we get it, we get that this moment in time is priceless, we get that this is proberbly the very first time that you have really seen your little person so getting it right from our end is very important.

Our highly trained sonographers will do all they can to achieve the results that you the expectant mum wants to see. We provide ultrasound for pregnancy scan, our staff are the most proficient within this industry as this is all we do, 3D/4D Ultrasound in Sydney.

Bookings are essential so please call our office today on 029693-1600 or visit us at www.earlyview.com.au.

Be amazed at really seeing your baby before baby come out !

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